Author: robert

The Island (movie)


 Description: During World War II the Germans capture a Soviet boat and confront Anatolij with a choice to kill his captain and save his own life or die, too. The Germans set the boat...

The Moon Princess


 Description: A fictional story about the moon civilization Samies and the Moon PrincessLink:

Jack and His Monsters


 Description: A fictional story about Jack and his speacial ability to communicate with unreal creaturesLink:

David‘s Story


 Description: A fictional story about David who lost and found his wife again.Link:

Le Velay – Tourism guide


 Description: A tourist guide made by strudents of Saint Louis High School.Link:

White Tiger (movie)


 Description: The film is about a Soviet wonded tank commander who becomes obsessed with finding and destroying a mysterious Natzi tank which the Soviets call “White Tiger”. A newly designed powerful T 34 tank...

Poor Poor Paul (movie)


 Description: Poor Poor Paul is a biographical film of Czar I Paul of Russia and his short reign. His mother Empress Catherine the Great, who ruled Russia for 34 years, has died. The throne...

Peaceful Warrior (movie)


 Description: A chance encounter of a trobled but talented college gymnast who dream of winning Olympic Games competition with a stranger, a kind of spiritual guide, changes his life. The movie is based on...